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EMHA Constitution

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Article 1: Name

  1. The Association shall be called the “Englehart Minor Hockey Association”, also known as E.M.H.A.”
  2. E.M.H.A.’s jurisdictional area , and so the Northern Ontario Hockey Association (N.O.H.A.) District it lies within, will be as set out by the N.O.H.A.’s Constitution By-laws and Regulations.
  3. Per current N.O.H.A. direction, Elk Lake residents have the option to play in Temiskaming Shores Minor Hockey Association or E.M.H.A.
  4. The colors of the E.M.H.A. shall be white on red and red on white with the Sponsors’ name bar attached to the bottom back of all home and away sweaters. The only exception to this Article is the Corporate Sponsors that carry their own colors and logos. It is understood that their longstanding sponsorship shall continue as is and will until their sweaters need to be replaced and will be given first consideration for Sponsorship on the new E.M.H.A. approved sweaters.
  5. All team sweaters will be purchased by the E.M.H.A. with the approved colors and logo being displayed on the front of all sweaters.
  6. All members or non-members must seek permission in writing from the E.M.H.A. executive prior to the use of the E.M.H.A. name/logo.
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