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EMHA Constitution

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Article 5: Constant Authority

  1. The E.M.H.A. will enforce the rules and regulations of minor hockey as set out in the rules of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (C.A.H.A.) Ontario Hockey Federation (O.H.F.), N.O.H.A. and E.M.H.A.
  2. After registration fees have been paid to the E.M.H.A., all players, parents, team officials and E.M.H.A. executive must adhere to the E.M.H.A. Constitution and By-Laws and Codes of Conduct or be subject to disciplinary action by the same.
  3. Any player(s) causing damage to any arena property home or away or to the reputation of E.M.H.A. will be subject to disciplinary action by the E.M.H.A. executive. E.M.H.A. reserves the right to recover the costs of any such damage from the involved player(s). E.M.H.A further reserves the right to revoke the privilege of these players to participate in further hockey events until the matter is addressed by the E.M.H.A. executive.
  4. All concerns, complaints and or constructive input must be addressed to the E.M.H.A. executive prior to discussion with individual members or the N.O.H.A. District representative. Unless proof of misrepresentation is provided all decisions made by the E.M.H.A. executive will be final.
  5. As a minimum, all Volunteers will be subject to current Criminal Record checks. Further, they may also be subject to reference checks, and be required to attend mandatory training courses as set out by the N.O.H.A.

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