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EMHA Constitution

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Article 7: Meetings
  1. Monthly Executive meetings will be held from June to April each year. The President may call additional meetings as deemed necessary.
  2. All scheduled E.M.H.A. monthly meetings will be posted on the E.M.H.A website.
  3. The Secretary may prepare an additional Agenda for all regular and general meetings.
  4. All business must be put up for discussion headed by the meeting Chairperson. Upon conclusion of the discussion a motion shall be proposed from the floor (‘I move that…) and Seconded (“I second the motion”). The Chairperson then shall open the motion up for all those in favor and those opposed. A declaration of carried or lost is announced and the carried motion shall then be recorded.
  5. Amendments to motions can be made but only when reopened by the Chairperson.
  6. The Chairperson shall not allow speakers to digress from the subject under discussion. Irrelevance, repetition, offensive language and reflection of a personal nature are out of order.
  7. The speaker holding the floor shall not be interrupted unless the point of order has been broken.
  8. All parties wanting to make a presentation at a regular scheduled E.M.H.A. executive meeting must submit a written request to the secretary one week prior to the meeting. A time limit will be set and enforced by the chairperson.
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