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EMHA Constitution

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Article 10: Registration

  1. Registration of any child with E.M.H.A. is at the sole discretion f the E.M.H.A. executive.
  2. Player registration fees, late registration fees, and associated late registration dates, will be set annually by the E.M.H.A. executive.
  3. Refunds of all and or any portion of registration fee paid shall be at the discretion of the E.M.H.A executive.
  4. No player shall be registered outside his age category.
  5. All parents/guardians must provide proof of age for their children upon registration with the E.M.H.A.
  6. If full registration payment is not received by November 30 th of each season, E.M.H.A. reserves the right that the player(s) will no longer be allowed to participate in N.O.H.A. or E.M.H.A. sanctioned practices, games and/or other sanctioned events.
  7. The E.M.H.A. executive may review individual players special circumstances as to the application of a late registration fee if and when they feel it may be in the best interest of the Association. The E.M.H.A. reserves the right as to the application or waving of any such late registration fee.
  8. The E.M.H.A. executive reserves the right that any outstanding registration/fundraising fees from previous years must be paid in full before players will be considered for registration for any current E.M.H.A season.
  9. E.M.H.A. Executive reserves the right to accept cheques from parties of concern.
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