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EMHA Constitution

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Article 8: Sponsorship
  1. The E.M.H.A. executive will annually determine team Corporate Sponsorship Fees.
  2. Previous years E.M.H.A. team Corporate Sponsors will be given priority until such time as they declare their desire to be removed of their financial responsibility, or at such time as the E.M.H.A. executive finds the Corporate Sponsor to be negligent in their annual team Sponsorship fee payment.
  3. New team Corporate Sponsorship will be put on a waiting list.
  4. The E.M.H.A. executive will have authority over disbursement of monies being donated when no sponsorships are available.
  5. Annually E.M.H.A. executive will determine any respective monies allotted for teams tournament entry fees.
  6. Any purchases requested by team Corporate Sponsors must be submitted in writing to the E.M.H.A. executive for approval prior to purchase.
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